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Emilia Moscoso Borja
Professional Portfolio



           This portfolio provides a comprehensive overview of my artistic, academic, and educational work. This material demonstrates my interest in versatile compositional works, musical and cultural production, academic research, and education.

           One of the main practices of composition I am interested in is the experimentation with vibraphone solo mixing acoustic and electronic elements as part of composition and improvisation. Parallel, I have written several pieces for ensembles in different formats ranging from classical Western, and jazz, to conceptual and experimental practices. I have also worked on a list of arrangements for a Latin American music ensemble.

          In recent years I have developed research on topics related to the pedagogical material for teaching vibraphone and the development of electroacoustic vibraphone, as well as Digital Music in Latin America. These works have not been published but are in constant development and revision.

          This document also includes my teaching portfolio where I selected materials from the classes, workshops, and lectures that I have taught. My experience as a teaching artist is quite flexible since I work with early childhood students and also adults.



Contact Information

Emilia Moscoso Borja

Phone: (213)357-6218


Address: 125 S Alexandria Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90004


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