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Artistic Work

          One of my greatest interests as a composer is finding a way to approach my vibraphone solo works in a creative and expansive way.
I found inspiration in the electronic/digital world of music. Taking into account the electroacoustic nature of my vibraphone, I began to include various sound processing as a fundamental component within each composition. I decided to mix acoustic elements including traditional and extended techniques, the sounds of the body of the instrument, and objects prepared on the instrument, and combine these sounds with the digital elements to create a dialogue.

          Parallel to my solo work, I have been writing pieces for open instrumentation, but suggesting ensembles that I like to work with. One of the common elements of these compositions is the presence of complex rhythms and metric modulations that feels organic. I cannot define a specific style for this music, since it includes many musical influences, such as Latin music, rock, jazz, and world music.


          Lately, I have been expanding my musical ideas toward experimental and conceptual compositions, leaving room for the interpretation and/or improvisation of the performer. In this type of musical proposal, I use metaphors, texts, and images as a musical guide.

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