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Habitando-me (2021/22)
For vibraphone and electronics

Habitando-me is a series of seven short pieces for vibraphone and electronics

Electronics in collaboration with Martin Velez

Art by Claudia Rivera

Habitando-me explores the theme of isolation during the pandemic and reflects on how this crisis has taken us on a journey within to (re)encounter ourselves in the search for self-awareness.

I found a big motivation to create this series because I started to realize that my family,  close friends, and I  started looking for emotional and mental support during the pandemic, a thing that did not happen as often before. Some of us found relief in yoga, religion, psychological therapy, books, sports, art, etc. This led me to realize how the path and act of dealing with oneself can be difficult,  and how hard it is to create consciousness of our existence in all the possible ways: body, mind, and emotions. We can not run away anymore from our thoughts, our feelings, and all those problems that weren't solved.


This project translates these reflections into music and art. The compositions and artwork were further inspired by biodecodification (bioneuroemoción), which states that every part of the body is related to our internal and external processes like emotions and social interactions. Our body has knowledge, that it becomes even clearer in pandemic times.

Convergencias Policromadas (2020)
For vibraphone and electronics

This piece was created using samples of percussion instruments and melodic lines, that were looped and processed along. I created an initial melody played with the back part of the mallets, and I wrote an ostinato for the middle part in the bass which serves as a base for improvisation, the final part is a contrasting melody played in the vibraphone through the electronic part get more and more synthesized. The electronic part was created after the recording using it as the material for digital manipulation.

Electronics in collaboration with Matin Velez

Ciclon (2020)

For vibraphone and electronics

This piece is the first of 8 etudes for vibraphone technique development (work in process).

I am planning to compose around 8 etudes, each of them focused on a specific skill for example speed, parallel stroke, rolls, bowing, peddling, etc. All those etudes will be using an electronic track replacing a metronome. I am planning to set these tracks at 3 different speeds so performers can practice in levels.

Ciclon's goal is to work in fast movements and repetitions, double strokes, odd-meter changes.

Electronics in collaboration with Matin Velez

Caminando entre Laderas (2019)

For electroacoustic vibraphone and pedals

It is an original work made up of two movements: Mov. 1 Valles, and Mov. 2 Montañas. This composition is part of a series of vibraphone pieces created in order to expand the technical possibilities and explore new acoustic and electronic sonorities in the instrument.

Valles is a slow and cyclical movement. It is a progressive melodic construction on an ostinato played with the bow. The notes of the melody are played progressively until the final melody is generated, which is repeated 3 times before disintegrating again. I use a cello bow, mallets, a light wooden drumstick, chimes, and a small string of beads that generates vibration over the bass notes which is also the ostinato of the main melody.

Montañas is a movement created to work permutations, accents, and rhythmic changes within a constant pulse. Like the first movement, this one was composed in the form of a rhythmic and melodic construction where the musical material is modified in each variation.

This composition was inspired by the landscapes of the mountains of Ecuador where I had the joy of growing up. I always enjoyed walking on the plains between mountains of various sizes.

This piece was awarded in Ecuador Percussion Arts Contest 2020 Quedate ne Casa

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